IT Health Check

Our IT Health Check Services compare your infrastructure design to best practices and support levels, and from there makes recommendations to improve the service levels and offerings.


Managing change in your IT environment is difficult.  While initial implementations may meet the service level objectives at the onset, most IT environments have constant change.  Maintaining adherence to industry and vendor best practices, keeping current, providing the highest quality of services, delivering high availability, and continuously improving performance is a constant challenge.

An IT health check represents an essential way of evaluating your business’ inner IT workings to ensure that there are no security breaches or potential problems which are waiting in the wings. As well as ensuring that systems are properly set up, a network health check also helps to guard against the exposure of lost productivity and company downtime and ensures adequate protection can be put in place against any possibility of unauthorized entry.

Regular appraisal of your IT environment is essential to obtain assurance that appropriate controls are in place to protect essential systems and data.

Our IT Health Check Services will review and document your current IT environment, review current support requirements, and make recommendations for changes and updates according to best practices and supportability. We can also look at performance availability, and best practice recommendations to improve service levels.
With a professional assessment of your IT infrastructure, you can take the steps necessary to avoid potential problems down the road and reduce the odds of downtime and lost productivity.

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